What’s Draining My Phone Battery?

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Your phone battery may not be operating at full capacity. This means that even when fully charged, you aren’t getting all that you can out of your phone’s performance. If it isn’t running optimally, there’s a few main factors to what could be impacting it’s usefulness. Here’s a few things to note on your phone’s optimization and functionality.

Background apps and updates

These will limit your battery’s ability to run optimally while also making the current app you are using run more slowly or crash all together. Give your phone time to update and make sure that when using apps, you’re staying aware of which ones are still open and using data. Also, shut down the phone for the evening when you can. Give it time to reset.

Out-of-date software

When your phone comes up with an update, it’s best to apply these as soon as possible. Giving your phone the most optimal effectiveness as soon as possible will cut down the amount of lag and issues you have with basic functionality. Slow messages, lacking notifications, emails, etc. Each of these can be a hinderance to your daily routine and make using your phone much more difficult


Cracked screen

Your screen cracks can impact how your functions as well. It may just be a surface impact initially, but after an extended period of time, there’s a great deal of additional issues that can arise if it was left unattended.

If your phone battery does need work and you are noticing a difference in the usability, we’re more than ready to help you fix the screen and get it back up and running at it’s best. Give us a call today and we’ll get started on bringing your phone back to what it was when you first got it, and see if the cracks in your screen have lead to any other issues. We’re really looking forward to working with you soon!