What Causes Screen Cracks?

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Screen cracks are common among most smartphone users. Screen cracks happen all the time due to avoidable mistakes. Here are the most common causes of a broken screen

Typing with one-hand

Users will often drop their devices when using one hand. Unfortunately, they aren’t able to give their phone the same support with just one thumb and finger.

Battery damage or issues

Your phone’s battery sometimes will put the rest of the device at risk of damage. You need to be aware of when that happens. Overheating, running out of power quickly, etc. In rare instances, this will put the device at a higher risk of cracking.

Avoiding smartphone screen cracking

Screen protectors: while they aren’t perfect, screen protectors are a great route to lower the chance of your screen cracking. They minimize potential damage during drops, heat applied, excessive pressure, etc. Additionally, they keep debris off your screen that may build up.

Pop sockets and grips: adding extra grip to your phone will allow you to carry it more easily. You can easily lose grip on the device without one, and a single drop can turn into an expensive new screen.

Phone holders in the car: keeping your phone safe in the car is essential as well. Additionally, as a driver, your phone will easily become a distraction if it’s loose. Overall, be sure to keep your phone in the holder as often as possible. Again, a single drop can break the screen as well.

Repair Your Cracked Screen Today!

Fortunately, there are simple solutions to fix your phone screen. Give us a call today to learn more about our quick, quality, and affordable screen repair service. In the case your phone isn’t cracked, ensure you take these good practices into account to keep your device safer. You’ll avoid expensive replacements, and be able to repair minor damage early to avoid those costs. We’re looking forward to speaking with you soon!